Grizzly Guy BBQ is back in Monterey County !!

Over the last 30 years we have provided Pit Barbecue for hundreds of families and organizations throughout Northern California. Our business is committed to the best in both products and customer experience through convenience, accuracy of orders, and timely delivery.

All of our barbecue is custom made to your order and we take pride in working with you directly in assuring your event is both delicious and delightful.  All sauces are hand made and designed by Paul “Grizzly Guy” Van Langen. We feature Carolina gold mustard sauce, traditional red barbecue sauce and red coffee barbecue sauce . Since this is a true pit barbecue method and is cooked with several different types of hard wood we can not assure you that the barbecue is nut free. Often we use pecan or other nut wood to prepare our meats. All rubs are hand made.

We work directly with you in designing the menu and are extremely flexible in the execution of our barbecue services. We can cook at your site or deliver to your door.

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